5 ways to transform your room using magneto

Hang your art, print, paper, notes, postcard, swatches, flags, banners... just about anything instantly!! No art damage, no nails or tools, no drill, no frame.

You spend most the time of your day in your room, and a change of scenery is what we all crave once in a while, read on if you’re looking for ideas to transform your room without burning a hole in your savings or damaging your walls.

1) With all your travel plans and bucket lists:

If wander lust runs deep in you and exploring the world is your favorite daydream you keep returning to, this is the perfect idea! Place maps, different post cards, newspaper cutouts and any other pictures of your favorites destinations, instantly on your walls in a damage free way using magneto!

2) With all your band/music obsessions:

Everyone goes through a phase obsessed with bands, or their favorite musician. Finding solace in music is one of those things that runs common in most people. So display your obsessions proudly across your walls and show your immense love and support for your favorite artist. Use magneto to hang posters, concert tickets, album covers in an easy and hassle free way

3) With all your academic goals and time tables:

Your exams dates are running close and you’ve decided to be dedicated and motivated to study hard this time around. All your time tables, plans and important flash cards made, can be put up in your study corner using Magneto to keep you focused also adding to the aesthetics ;)

4) With all your art and inspirations:

It’s widely said that art is not meant to make sense, it is meant to make you feel something, if you’re someone who expresses themselves through art, proudly display all your art and all your art inspos in no time using magneto and leave all your friends impressed at your sleepovers.

5) With all your favorite memories:

f you are a memory hoarder and someone who likes to take pictures constantly of the special moments in your life, of all the goofy times spent with your friends, of the beautiful happenings of nature around you then this one’s for you, by giving a physical form to all your favorite memories through prints and with the help of magneto instantly transform your room into a museum of your life’s highlights!

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