Magnetic photo ropes: How to show your love but not go overboard!

So you are romantic at heart, but cringe at any major display of love and affection, but still want to make sure your loved one’s know what they mean to you?

We have just the thing for you!
Our magnetic photo rope comes with dual ways of subtle shows of romance to impress your love and that too just in three simple steps:
Step1: Send us your favorite pictures with your amour and have them take a physical form through prints Here!
Step 2: Hang our magnetic rope anywhere in your home with just the use of wall tacks or nails!

Step 3: Place your favorite memories now in the form of prints along the rope with the use of cute heart shaped magnets to help them stay in place

With your special moments alongside your love proudly on display with the subtle but impressive additions of tiny heart magnets, no one can dare say you are unromantic!

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