Presence of mind with polaroids

So you are romantic at heart, but cringe at any major display of love and affection, but still want to make sure your loved one’s know what they mean to you?

Remember the first time you did anything? The joy of being able to ride off without having to worry about balancing, of being able to go all alone to a grocery store and pay, of having your first sleepover or the first time you laid eyes with that special someone and let your heart skip a beat?

Those emotions were pure, unintentional and that’s what made them special. Speaking of which, wouldn’t it have been nice if you could snap that moment, so that one day when you rummage through your box of memories, you glance at them and feel a sense of pleasantness flow through you?

Those emotions can never be faked and can only be felt at that particular moment in time, just like a Polaroid, unique and instant. It’s not too late. There are plenty of first times. Likewise, at People of Prints, we believe in enhancing not just an anecdote, but the simplest of moments.

Over time we grow as human beings. While our character remains the same, it is our persona that develops, to suit the needs of our situation. A Polaroid isn’t different from us (let’s just personify it for a brief moment). It develops its own film. It’s a camera with a personality of being spontaneous.

While that might be interesting, some believe that Polaroids aren’t a thing anymore. That’s where we bring in our superpowers to resurrect the fallen hero. This time we have adorned him with the luster of immortality

While classic Polaroid pictures are your photos printed on luster paper with a white border. Premium Polaroids (what we offer) are very edgy and stylish. They have laminated white borders, with spot lamination on the photo, backed with a photographic print for the real retro feel. Our Polaroids are the best you can find online.

To make things far more convenient, we leave the photography to you. Send us a copy and we’ll summon our hero, and in no time, he’ll be at your place (wouldn’t hurt if you summoned our hero more than once :P).

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