Dear fridge, I love you too!

Give your Fridge some love.. photo magnets to the rescue!!!

Stuck to the fridge

Well, even if what is inside the fridge varies from one house to another, the most common thing we see on fridges are the magnets stuck to it, mostly reminding you of a distinct memory and while we all have a lot of them, here are some ideas of how to make your fridge unique to you.

Its a new house!!

Going to college, or to work in another city or country is always an exciting but nerve rackling experience for most of us, leaving your home can’t be easy and when we talk about homes and memories there is no better way to stay in touch with them other than pictures. So now when you’re setting up your dorm rooms make sure these are the first few things you do, collect pictures of your favorite memories and turn them into customized magnets for your fridge, so every morning you feel the presence of your loved one’s

Customise your travel souvenirs

Are you guilty of picking up at least a few magnets from your vacations? So why make it boring and standardized, why pick up things that everyone will? Get creative and get your own custom made magnets clicked by you to make it more personalized and fun.

Walk of Motivation

You’re dieting? Your fridge doesn’t let you? Make your fridge the repelling magnet space now. Get some fun quotes that keep you on your toes every time you visit the kitchen to fulfil your cravings.

Pet lover

When you love your Pet too much, there’s no way you can stop obsessing and pet lovers will get that. Do you really need anyone else, if you have your dog? Guess not! So if you’re the person who clicks a zillion pictures of your pets and also have an Instagram page of him/her then this one’s for you. Magnets of your fur ball now isn’t that cute.

Youre invited

We all have those close friends who are the ones we call first when you take the decision to marry, and they’re the ones who have helped you in all the silly fights, and gifting ideas so give them an extra token of appreciation by creating mini invitation magnets exclusively for them, and make them feel special for all the late nights they stayed up with you guiding you through your relationship when you needed it.

Create your corporate gift

A photo magnet makes for an exclusive corporate gift.
In fact, Promotional Photo Magnets is a unique way to foster business association with both your employees and clients, and they come pretty handy too.
So for all you people brainstorming what ideas for corporate gifting, magnets can be a unique consideration.

Is your child in the learning stages

Here’s an idea for parents who want their children to learn in a fun way, make them magnets. It’s fun it’s colorful and you can get anything you like.
Kids learning names of fruits? We got them. Learning words? Make a crossword magnet or a word magnet. You can basically do this with anything and not make it boring

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