FIVE ways to say I LOVE YOU

5 ways to say i love you to your loved one

There’s nothing like a tiny little surprise gift from your dear one to wrap you in the warmth of love. Here are a few great ideas for adorable gifts that scream I LOVE YOU!

1) Square Prints

Experience the joy of being able to physically touch your most cherished memories with your loved one. These wallet-sized prints are a perfect gift to express your heart-felt for the one waiting for you back home!

2) Fridge Magnets

Seeing the love you’ve shared and those special memories only make the heart grow fonder. Gift him/her a set of personalized fridge magnets to tell them they are the coolest and yet the warmest!

3) Poster

Show off your love proudly with our all-new personalized Poster Prints! Put it up on your wall as a surprise little something and watch your loved one revel in delight! Get printing.

4) Calendar

What better way to express your love than to personalize a calendar with memories of times spent together! A moment or two printed on paper for every month, and etched in the heart forever! Contact us to design your personalized 2021 Calendar.

5) Heart Photo Frames

There’s no better way than waking up to seeing your loved one. Bring back the warm fuzzy feeling with Framed Prints of your love placed on the bedside table when he/she wakes up! Get a set for your dear one here. On Valentine’s Day, get this romantic Heart Photo Frame can fill the day with romantic memories to cherish.

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